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Our Service Team 
provides complete mobile home and residential air conditioning, heating, and electrical installation and service,
including emergency service. Our technicians are trained, certified, and professional. 


Our Sales Staff  
offers a complete line of mobile home parts and supplies, from appliances and plumbing fixtures to complete home
setup and foundation material. We serve the needs of retail, wholesale, and contractor customers


Atlantic Service - Electrical Service Contractors

Prime Supply - Electrical Supplies

Prime Supply - Heating and Cooling Products

Atlantic Service - Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors


Prime Supply - Siding and Skirting

Prime Supply - Setup and Transportation Supplies


Prime Supply - Water Heaters

Prime Supply - Door and Window Hardware


Please take a moment each day to remember our proud men and women who have voluntarily forgone their time with family and friends in order to serve our nation.
And especially those who have given all.

Military and Veterans Discount Offers  

Chris - USMC

US Military

Andria - USN

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